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40+ years of experience in the business of building business

Success Stories

New Challenges, New Solutions

“Craig is an outstanding leader. He combines exceptional business acumen with technology and has the energy and charisma to create a meaningful business impact which plays into a critical role in the success of large global initiatives. I would recommend Craig as a leader in any strategic business initiative”.

“Craig was one of my first hires for a new team I was building within Fiserv that was focused on Go To Market Operations. The mission of this team was to greatly improve the launch readiness process and ensure that previously committed general availability dates were met within Digital Channels by working very closely with many business units across Fiserv. Craig and I laid the entire foundation from defining/implementing the go to market processes needed and establishing the necessary reporting to executive management. Many of these best practices that are still being used within Fiserv today”.

“Craig is one of those “Go-To” Leader professionals whom organizations become dependent upon his valued customer-centric insights. He brings together stakeholders to focus on smarter business business decisions that drive incremental value from existing and proposed product offerings. I’ve enjoyed working with a colleague who consistently delivers on his promises. Over the past year, I have been impressed with his tenacity and maturity in dealing with and solving difficult challenges, and his ability to lead and drive to successful outcomes”.

“As the recruiter that recommended Jim for his role at AIG I couldn’t have been more impressed with his performance. Jim’s work and reputation allowed me to expand my business at AIG and he’s always had great feedback from everyone that’s worked with him. He’s the type of professional that will remain on your “contact list” for years. He’s been a valuable resource for me and will continue to be for the rest of my career”.

“Jim knows his stuff. He is easy to work with. He thinks outside the box. If he cannot find it he will build it or find someone who can. I enjoyed my time with Jim and hope to one day work with him again soon”.

“Jim’s attention to detail and understanding of his customers needs have always allowed him to deliver time after time. He is the go-to resource when you want to deliver projects On Time, In Scope, and Within Budget”.

“I have known Alan since we were at college together in England many years ago. Over those years Alan has built strong interpersonal relationships with his customers, and colleagues, and has always been able to articulate the value of his products and the business benefits for his clients. He is always able to provide the right product at the right time. He becomes an SME for the solutions he represents and provides focus on digital transformation”.

“Alan is one of those colleagues you never forget. This is because he has that rare combination of technical acumen, business sense and strategic thinking. These attributes combined; provide for a an always-valuable consultative discussion with customers and colleagues alike. I value Alan's opinions, as they emanate from a place of deep learning and pragmatic thinking. His clients are fortunate to have him as an adviser and advocate. His colleagues benefit from his generous advice and well-grounded direction”.

“Whether or not a function of his vast experience in a variety of roles, Alan is a very good leader. I was fortunate to work with Alan, where I saw him successfully create and foster key client relationships that directly led to the growth of the account. While at the same time, he was a constant force in supporting his team and their success. He affords his team members the latitude to innovate, to make some mistakes and get a few scrapes from time to time, thus contributing greatly, to learn and grow. But he also continually provides support along the way. The right balance: he delegates authority while retaining responsibility”.

“I have worked with the Ascend Cloud Solutions team over the past number of years on multiple VMware HCX migration projects. I always found the team incredibly knowledgeable and diligent when it came to understanding our requirements and data needs. We migrated around 130 customer and internal servers between 2 data centers, with no interruption to client workloads, and this was down to the approach and guidance by the Ascend team. The customer interaction, support and management was outstanding throughout the project, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend and use the team again on future projects”.

“Working with Alan is more than a pleasure. It is an intellectual and professional journey watching a seasoned relationship builder guide clients thorough logic-based and business-driven thinking. In an area of technology solutions which replace a patchwork of applications and manual processes, I watched Alan help clients turn the vision of digital transformation into a reality. His mastery of value-based selling is as superior as I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of”.

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