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Security Services and consulting


Cyberattacks and data breaches have threatened to topple corporations, and have cost businesses millions, even billions, to beef up their cybersecurity.  The huge upsurge in people working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the likelihood of a cyber-breach. As a result, cybersecurity is now a top priority of every organization, and understanding how to quickly decipher all of the tools and services out there quickly, has grown more crucial.  In addition, pinpointing vulnerabilities in computer systems, networks, and software programs and finding solutions to strengthen them against hackers has become the new standard practice for organizations everywhere.

What does it entail?

Cybersecurity can and should focus on protection but it’s a multifaceted task. Here are some, but not all, of the considerations:

  1. Maximize efficiency in protecting data and information systems, networks, and software against hacker attacks.
  2. Work closely with IT departments to correct specific online safety problems.
  3. Work with managers, engineers, and other security analysts to decrease risks for an organization.
  4. Oversee and conduct tests for system vulnerabilities.
  5. Plan and design security architectures for IT projects.
  6. Research cybersecurity criteria, security systems, and validation procedures.
  7. Probe and provide security solutions referencing business-standard analysis criteria.
  8. Update and upgrade security systems as needed.
  9. Deliver official reports that summarize test findings.

Where to start?

Regardless of the size of your organization, as we work with our customers, we see some of the challenges facing them, that are not necessarily obvious when you are ‘inside’ the firm itself.  Inherent biases that naturally occur with vendor preference and relationships, previous life experience and perhaps even a board-instigated post-beach consulting engagement with one of the large consulting firms can map out the solution – but it may not be the ultimate best approach.

And our team’s many years of experience with multiple technologies can advise on direction, help you chose what – and what not – to invest in to maximize a solution for your business. As part of The Tech Collective, JGL has contractual access to one of the largest tech brokerages in the world with preferential arrangements that can quickly bring the right resources to bare at the right velocity for your enterprise.

Contact us to arrange a no cost/no commitment security evaluation.

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